Why a Total Body Cleanse is Beneficial


In the world we live in, harmful chemicals are everywhere. We may try to avoid them, but no matter how much we try we need to realize that we cannot avoid exposure to them. They are in the air, in food, and in water, and so ultimately they enter our bodies. To counteract these harmful effects, a total body cleanse is something to be considered.

Before you commit to undertaking a cleanse, it is a good idea to discuss it with your doctor to decide if it will be beneficial for you. A cleanse is not for everybody, especially those who are taking medication or are suffering from some illness which causes there immune system to be weak.

Air pollution is unavoidable because incredible amounts of toxins are emitted by industries. This pollution will ultimately reach us. Even if you are one of the lucky few to live in a location not having factories, you are bound to breathe the pollution from cars traveling on nearby roads. These chemicals enter the lungs, and they also enter our circulatory system since air quality affects the blood. This means that the chemicals we breathe can reach all our organs since they are carried in blood.

Chemicals are also involved in food production. Steroids are fed or injected to livestock, which in turn affects all meat and dairy products like eggs and milk. Crops are routinely sprayed with pesticides to repel pests, and they may also have been genetically modified to make them more appealing. We ingest such large amounts of toxins as a result, but cleansing the body may be able to remove most of it.

Clean water is a precious commodity for much of the world, but even in developed societies, water that is supposedly pure actually has many impurities. The water coming from a water filtration plant necessarily has been treated with chemicals to remove parasites. But in treating water, it has been altered and is no longer natural. Water bottling companies claim that there water is better than treated water, but even bottled water has undergone processing. Therefore any water we drink has some content which is not good for us, but a body cleanse will remove much of it.

Our bodies undergo a great deal of stress because of all the chemicals that enter it. Many people make a conscious effort to be healthy, but they cannot completely avoid being exposed to harmful substances. One symptom is that people complain they lack energy. This is very likely due to the chemicals that have accumulated in their systems, thus affecting their health.

As with any product, once you have chosen a particular brand to use for your body cleanse, you should follow the instructions closely. In particular, before you start your cleanse you should purge your body of toxins such as alcohol, tobacco and bad food. Even after you have completed the cleanse, you should try to stay away from those harmful substances since they undo the effects of the purge.

Source by Ben Pate


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