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Italy will host the Grand Prix from tomorrow in the city of Monza, located to the north of Milan. Drivers will be hoping for the best weather possible as they look to take the final leg of the competition this weekend. However, the country has seen a mixed bag of weather this month, with high temperatures of 27C edged with rain. This week promises to be much of the same, as drivers may have trouble on a slick track when practice starts this Friday.

Where is lightning in Italy right now?

Weather forecasters have predicted a fresh smattering of rain to arrive in Italy before this weekend.

Currently, several storms are tearing across the north of the country, with heavy lightning nearing Milan.

One storm is tracking through the north of Genova, while a second is now approaching Monza, likely to brush the city overnight.

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Lightning is currently raining down on the city of Como, on the southern tip of Lake Como.

A second band of lightning has broken off and is striking Lago Di Lugano and the area around Lugano airport.

Forecasters expect the bad weather will impact Monza tonight, accompanied by a drop in temperature.

Tracks will be slick as Grand Prix practices start from 11am, and will likely remain that way until the weather clears on Saturday.

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The latest crop of storms in northern Italy follows a dangerous month for the country, as officials called a state of emergency in the north near Como.

Some 80 people were evacuated from the mountain areas above Lake Como after storms triggered flash floods and mudslides.

A state of emergency was also declared in the commune of Casargo, as the Varrone river burst its banks.

While no one was reported injured, mudslides swept roads away, and floods caused property damage.

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