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Temperatures are forecast to plummet this weekend and it really could begin to feel like autumn for some, with the mercury to drop to single figures across the country. This is due to cold winds moving south from Iceland on Thursday and Friday. However, temperatures should warm back up again from the middle of next week.

Tonight will see temperatures dive to single figures for the first time in weeks.

Oli Claydon of the Met Office said: “August saw above-average temperatures in Scotland so the cooler days and nights of autumn will come as a bit of a shock.

“Sadly, it will mean quite a difference to what we have seen of late.

“Thursday and the start of Friday will see conditions remaining unsettled, but the showers and wind will die out by Friday evening.

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“High pressure is moving in, which means clear skies and northerly airflow, bringing a particularly chilly night.

“Saturday and Sunday arrive with the potential for a widespread frost.”

For frost to form, the temperature of a surface has to fall below zero, and there needs to be enough moisture in the air.

According to the Met Office, “as a general rule of thumb, if the air temperature is forecast to fall between 0C and 4C on a night with little or no cloud and light winds, then you need to bear in mind there may be a frost outside in the morning.”

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The average temperature in the UK for September ranges from highs of 20C to lows of 8C.

A spokesman for said: “High pressure continues to build in from the west on Thursday, bringing a mostly dry and bright day for many, with winds lighter in the south.

“But still windy in the north, with a warm front pushing east bringing a band of cloud with some patchy rain across Scotland and northern England for a time.

“Still on the cool side for early September, temperatures reaching 15 to 17C, though slightly milder across the north-west.”

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The spokesman said low pressure will wash across the North Sea on Friday, sending cooler temperatures and rainfall across the UK.

They added: “The weekend will continue the cool theme, with winds blowing down from the north on Saturday between low pressure to the east and high pressure to the west.

“There may be a few showers around too on Saturday, but high-pressure building in from the west on Sunday should ensure most areas will be dry and bright or sunny, just a few showers in the far north.

“Nights likely to be chilly though.”

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