Auto Accident Free Driving Rules for the Rain


As nice as it would be to drive in perfect weather conditions all the time, all drivers know that is not a possibility. At some point, everyone will have to drive in lightning, thunder, rainstorms, hail or even snow. It is at that point in time that the rules of the road become more important than ever.

First, it is important that a car be equipped properly in the case of a rainstorm. Problems that are as simple as old or damaged wiper blades can cause major visual issues for any driver. The application of a topical windshield product like Rainex can also increase visibility for drivers greatly. Break lights, headlights and emergency lights are important at all times, but they become even more vital during a heavy storm. It is important to routinely check and make sure that all the lights are functioning properly and accurately.

Once it is determined that a vehicle is safe to drive in the rain, the driver must make the remainder of the changes. When rain is present, it is of extreme importance that the driver follows all rules of the road. Following too closely to the vehicle in front is dangerous due to the fact that breaks do not work as well when they are wet. The traction between tires and the road is decreased greatly, which is why vehicles slide so easily in the rain. If a vehicle in front stops quickly, the driver behind must be far enough back that he or she has adequate time to stop as well.

Another dangerous issue during a rainstorm is the risk of hydroplaning. When water floods a road and a vehicle goes too fast over the inundated areas, the tires no longer have contact with the road. Instead, the tires are moving directly on water. As a result, the vehicle will tend to be pulled to the outside of the road. For this reason, it is so important that drivers not only go the speed limit, but below the limit as well. The best rule for rain is to drive with the flow of traffic. Avoid trying to pass other vehicles, speed or make quick stops.

The basic rule for driving at any time is to use common sense. Treat vehicles and the road with extreme caution and always practice defensive driving techniques. Use excess caution during any adverse weather conditions and stay safe.

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