Greenhouse Gas Emissions Aren't As Bad As You Would Think


Greenhouse gases have been produced on Earth as long as there has been life on the planet. As part of a beginning climate system on Earth, greenhouse emissions helped to keep the early planet warm. Greenhouse emissions have not always been a concern to people. As a matter of fact, greenhouse gas emissions weren't really considered to be that bad since the greenhouse effect didn't use to exist, as least not to the extent that it exists today.

Eventually, things changed as human technology continued to advance, and the need for livestock and food production grew. For instance, livestock were placed in an unnatural environment in order to produce more cows more quickly. The cows were overwhelming for the ecosystem. After advancing to the ability to have available food and other necessities ready at all times, humans began to spread like never before, taking over everything. Natural emissions of greenhouse gases began to rise and slowly change the climate system. However, until we brought on the invention of industrial society, the greenhouse effect hadn't begun making its mark upon the world.

At this point in time, large amounts of fossil fuels and woods began being burned. In order to get eliminate the solid waste we had produced due to the increasing population, we burned the waste. The large amount of growth in agriculture produced several chemicals including carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane, which are all byproducts of all living things. However, with the massive amount of fuels burned in a need to transport people and goods, the greenhouse gas emissions rose to an amount the planet had never seen, and like the chlorofluorocarbons, which changed the climate system, the gas emissions did too. The reproduction of humans had reached such large numbers that the terrain was being altered in such a way that the environmental consequences were severe, thus the greenhouse effect.

The greenhouse effect by definition is the effect by which a planet's surface is warming due to the emission of large amounts of gases. These gases hold radiation from the sun, which we then experiences as heat and light. The rays from the sun then bounce between the surface and the atmosphere, creating an environment that works like an oven. Our gaseous waste and our sheer numbers have changed our climate in many ways, and we will have to determine the best way to live on the planet as the climate continues to change.

Source by Terje Brooks


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