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BBC Meteorologist Matt Taylor gave an update on the terrifying Hurricane Dorian, which he called the “quickest strengthening storm on record”. He also said that it had become “one of the strongest storms to make landfall in Atlantic hurricane recorded history”. Mr Taylor noted that it has “sped up a little in terms of its movement”.

He guaranteed that it will “eventually pass the north of us here in the UK during the middle part of next week”.

But he also promised that we won’t notice a thing, saying “it will be no different to what we’ve seen through the week just gone”.

For today, at least, Britons can expect “fairly breezy conditions”.

The BBC presenter said that “northern England, North and West Wales and North Midlands are most likely to see outbreaks of rain through the morning rush hour.

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He continued: “Few showers packing across Scotland and Northern Ireland, but they will also see a little bit of sunshine with it.

“East Anglia to the South East has got a bit of sunshine to start, with sunshine turning increasingly hazy as the cloud disperses southwards through the afternoon.”

However, for everyone, he said: “It’s going to be fairly cool one.

“Temperatures sticking in the teens for all of us, about 18 to 19 Celsius at the very highest with the wind making it feel a bit cooler.”

Into the weekend, “Saturday still got northerly winds particularly across eastern parts of Scotland and eastern England.

“Morning showers across part of North West England and Midlands.

“Many central-western areas will be sunny, eastern areas in the breeze.”

He gave a freezing forecast that “temperatures will be widely down into single figures Saturday night into Sunday morning.”

Some of us can expect as low as “2 or 3 degrees”.

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