Toxic Substances in New Cars Can Cause Skin Diseases


Many institutions have done the research to prove the existence of toxic substances inside the cars. Through the study to the air quality inside the cars, the terrible result has been received. Excessive toxic substances like benzene and formaldehyde exist in more than 90% of the cars people are driving. The pollution inside the cars is even worse than the pollution inside the house. According to the research, both high-end cars and low-end cars are polluted by the toxic chemical substances to some degrees. What’s more, serious results can be caused by these toxic chemical substances.

The toxic substances inside the new cars can seriously threaten the physical health of the human body. They can also induce various skin diseases if people do not pay attention to the pollution inside the cars. Many people have been attacked by the air pollution inside the new cars. Therefore, it is important for people to grasp some skills to remove the peculiar tastes of the new cars as quickly as possible so as to prevent possible danger. Generally speaking, six skills can help people remove the pollution from the new cars.

First, the drivers should not use the air-conditioners in the first six months as far as possible. They should frequently open the windows to absorb the fresh air from the outside. Second, people should be careful to choose suitable decorative articles. For example, people should avoid the articles containing toxic substances like formaldehyde and benzene. The textiles should not be used inside the cars until they are washed in clean water. Third, people should use the perfume made of natural materials. Nowadays, many kinds of perfume are made of chemical materials. That is to say, perfume itself can pollute the car. Therefore, people should choose the perfume made of natural materials so as to prevent the pollution. The air cleaner should be chosen with good effects and few side-effects. Fourth, the drivers should regularly test the air inside the car so as to find and remove the pollutants in time. When they feel uncomfortable, they should also check the air inside the car quickly. Fifth, people with allergic physical constitution should not drive the car for a long time. Sixth, the original package like plastic package should be removed when people begin to drive the car so as to prevent the fermentation of the pollutants inside the car to cause air pollution.

Source by Alice White Green


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