Geography School Trips to Spain


Geography school trips to Spain offer students an array of case studies and fieldwork opportunities, taking them out of the classroom and into the realities of physical and human geography. Whether considering the role of Cantabrian cave landscapes in prehistoric cultures, exploring volcanic features in Tenerife, making use of the expert guidance and field work equipment at the Gredos Centre or discussing the impact of PortAventura’s construction on its local region, the country has many exciting destinations for school groups.

Bilbao and Cantabria

This lushly green mountainous region offers numerous case studies for geography students on school trips to Spain. They can stand in the Altamira Caves and consider cave formation and the role of landscape in early human cultures, while admiring the almost 20,000-year-old paintings depicting herds of animals. They can climb Artxanda Hill to see the city of Bilbao from above and discuss its urban regeneration program and explore the limestone massifs, plunging gorges and deep caves of Picos de Europa Natural Park. They may also wish to examine the unique glacial lake habitats of Covadonga, home to several endemic species, then head to the coastal Oyambre Natural Park and its sand dunes, salt marshes and river systems.


Geography students with a fascination for volcanology will enjoy the far-flung Canary Islands, particularly the largest of them, Tenerife. They can ride a four-kilometre cable car up to the top of Mount Teide, where a vast crater holds numerous volcanic features. From underground lava tubes to sulphurous vents and surface lava formations, the island offers geographic treats – and students will learn to identify the signs that it is not as dormant as it appears. Other geographic issues include the deforestation of the southern part of the island, water conservation efforts, and the differentiation between the tropical and arid ecosystems.

Gredos Centre

The Gredos Centre in the Sierra de Gredos Natural Park is a top destination for groups looking for a fieldwork focus on their geography school trips to Spain. The centre is fully supplied with fieldwork equipment and on-site experts to expand students’ understanding of gathering techniques and analysis. Whatever the group’s current curriculum needs, the Gredos Centre can provide a valuable trip: investigating river processes, recording the effect of weathering on the park’s granite landscape, visiting traditional villages to consider the local agricultural systems and the impact of tourism, and more.


Though famous for being a theme park, PortAventura is also a surprising and useful place for geographers to consider issues of human and physical geography on school trips to Spain. Students can question the negative and positive impacts of PortAventura’s construction on the local region; visit the Cosmo Caixa Science Museum and use its interactive displays to learn more about a wide range of geographic subjects; and take a tour in Montserrat National Park.

Source by Angela Bowden


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