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Europe is set for a “large bank of cloud” to spark thunderstorms and heavy showers across eastern parts. BBC Weather also forecast “a little bit of snow” over the Alps too. BBC Weather presenter Alina Jenkins said: “We’ll begin with the earlier satellite picture, not much cloud across Iberia, much of France and the British Isles.

“This frontal system will be nudging in from the west own the days ahead.

“This large bank of cloud across the eastern side of Europe has been generating some very heavy rain and thunderstorms, more to come as we go through Sunday.

“Particularly across northern Italy, some of that rain could really be quite heavy, may even be a little bit of snow over the Alps as well.

“Across Cyprus, Turkey, Greece, the Greek islands, much of the Balkans, looking fine and dry on Sunday. Lots of sunshine.

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“In fact temperatures are going to be well above average in the Balkans in the coming days.

“Some heavy showers for northern Africa may just clip the far south of Spain and the Balearics as well.

“But for much of Spain on Sunday it’s looking fine and dry, though showers start to get going across eastern France into Austria, Germany, up towards the low countries and our Baltic countries as well.”

For the start of next week, the BBC Weather host forecast: “So here’s how Monday shapes up, that frontal system sliding its way across the British Isles.

Meanwhile, the UK is set to be battered by strong gales and heavy rain as the remnants of Hurricane Dorian moves in from the Atlantic next week.

The end of the category three storm, which has devastated parts of the Bahamas and east-coast of the US, is set to join forces with the tropical storm Gabrielle and head to Britain on Tuesday.

Met Office forecaster Oli Claydon said: “It is actually going to be Gabrielle which brings the unsettled weather to the UK next week.

“This storm is still in early development and at the moment it looks as though it will get wrapped up into some sort of low-pressure system.

“We also expect the remains of Hurricane Dorian to become wrapped up into the same system, and while this will affect the weather in the UK it is still early to tell exactly what impact it will have.

“The most likely effect is we will get unsettled weather around Tuesday or Wednesday, and this may warrant warnings closet to the time.”

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