How to Make Biodiesel at Home


The quest for a cleaner option of fuel is an ever going and it would be nice to get it at a reasonable cost as well. As alternatives come and go, one option of alternative fuels is here to stay. Biodiesel is that and a practical path too! What’s more, if you know how to make biodiesel, you can even make your own fuel at home and use it according to your needs. You can sell your biodiesel in the local market and earn some extra bucks. The two main things that you are going to need for your bio-fuel project are vegetable oil and a biodiesel processing unit.

Sounds pretty easy right…

Vegetable oil is the key raw material and you will need a bunch. Generally vegetable oil can be obtained from a number of sources like soybean, flaxseed, mustard etc. You have a number of options to choose from and since the sources of vegetable oil can be regrown time and again, it translates into a virtually renewable source of energy. If you do not have a farm you may want to…

Start to think recycle…

A number of restaurants can become a great oil supply for you. Recycle you own oil as well and your neighbors too. If restaurants do not allow you to have their waste oil at first maybe you could make a creative deal. But a restaurant manager would not like to have someone take their oil one time and never show up again. Or worse yet be flaky… like not picking up when you say you will, monthly or weekly. Getting proper oil is a biggie so give it some deep thinking and discover your own system so you can repeat it. And do feel free to share the things you learn with me, no kidding.

Scientists are researching if it is possible to effectively use algae for production of biodiesel. While there have been some initial successes in this area, a more large scale break through is yet to be achieved. Kids in school right now may be the ones to understand and solve this problem, even you or your children. As of now other than the traditional vegetable oils not much no good alternative is available but certain animal fats are being used in certain areas for production of biodiesel.

The process of making biodiesel involves lots of filtration and mixing and a number of other things. You should not worry however as most of these tasks are done within the biodiesel processor and you would not have to do them manually. The processing unit that is used to make biodiesel is rather a compact unit. It can be easily set up in the back yard of your home or the barn of a farmhouse. You might have to pay a handsome amount to get a device new.

Generally the device would be delivered to you home as a fully assembled, ready to use out of the box unit. You get the option to purchase a kit and assemble the device but the former is a far better option as it makes matter simple. In any case you would be provided with appropriate instructions to deploy the device where you want and how to operate it as well. Some companies even provide a live demo of how to make biodiesel.

All this might look to be extra intimidating, however once you know how to make biodiesel at home properly, it would become a really easy work, something like a part of your life.

Source by Samuel Oliver


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