Is Tap Water Really Dangerous – Could Your Health Be in Danger?


Sure, tap water may have some problems, but is tap water really dangerous to your health? Could your health be in danger every time you drink a glass of water from the tap? It is time you find out the real truth about using water from the tap for cooking with and drinking on a regular basis.

Is tap as a source of water all that dangerous? Well, you look at the facts and then you can decide for yourself. There are many things to consider if you are going to answer this question.

First of all, think about all the chemicals that are out there today being used on a regular basis. Chemicals are used in so many ways. There are chemicals used on chickens and cows, helping them to grow faster so they can be butchered and sold. Farmers use pesticides on their crops on a regular basis too. What you may not know is that eventually, all these chemicals have a way of ending up in the water.

Then there are prescription drugs to consider if you are wondering is tap water really dangerous. People flush drugs all the time. Then they end up in the water system. Even drugs that are thrown away end up getting washed out of landfills into the water, and once again you end up drinking them. It is scary to think about all the prescription drugs you could be consuming each time you lift a glass of tap water to your lips.

Chemicals and drugs are not the only things in your water. The treatment plants out there are actually adding toxins to the water to try to treat it. They put in chlorine, which is a chemical that is very toxic and can cause many health problems. Then, there are the pipes that the water goes through to get to your home. Many of them are old and rusting, causing even more problems with your water.

The answer to the question is a big yes. The water from the tap really is dangerous and your health could be in danger if you are drinking it on a regular basis. So what is the answer to this problem? How can you keep you and your family healthy while still getting the water that your body needs on a regular basis?

The best answer out there is a filtration system for your home. This allows you to filter the water before you drink it, eliminating all those contaminants. With a quality filter, you’ll again be able to drink the water without worrying about your health. Although the answer to the question, is tap water really dangerous, is definitely a yes, there is something you can do about your tap water to make it pure for drinking.

Source by V K Rajagopalan


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