Wind Generators Kill Thousands of Birds Each Year


Bird running into wind turbine blades and killing themselves appears to a much bigger problem than many people want the public to know. In fact a single cluster of wind generators in a year or two could kill more birds than the Santa Barbara, CA mini-oil spill, which caused a huge media stir prompting President Richard Nixon to change the EPA laws.

But something needs to be done. Perhaps a sound alert system unpleasing to the birds or some sort of blinking lights that are displeasing may keep the birds away and prevent injury might be a start along with the idea of a softer cushion coated leading edge and front face on the wind generators is needed? One online think tanker stated on this subject;

“A very simple and effective solution would be to cover the blades with a mesh-like lightweight material, like thin trampoline material, but lighter, that doesn’t deter movement, but will provide some bounce.”

Indeed perhaps that might be a relevant component to the system. My point being if environmentalists are pro-environment but look the other way when these turbines crème 100’s of birds per year per cluster then that makes their argument for wind generation to help the environment rather awash in hypocrisy.

Such a modified wind generator blade could be a big part of the answer and therefore this idea warrants further review indeed. Another idea stated was;

“Now a fan blade cover can save birds without losing efficiency, provided the requirements be met. Also, if this design would be painted like a spider-web, because covering the blades would give a spider-web effect. This is a natural deterrent for the birds instinct.”

This makes a lot of sense because the reason the birds crash into the turbine blades in the first place is because they have not evolved long enough to naturally stay away from turbine blades made by humans. Consider all this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow


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