New Amusement Park in Beijing China; Sand World


Many parts of China are great vast deserts and over time the desert is moving closer to the large cities. Eventually the sand will build up and completely cover Beijing China.

This is unfortunate considering the billions of dollars in development that is going on there. Huge infrastructure projects are being built and the population is soaring along with the economy. Of course Mother Nature has a way of curbing its pollution and the sand is coming closer.

Recently I talked to a couple of geoscientists who were studying this phenomena and we sat down for a chat and a cup of coffee. One of them joked that maybe Beijing China should become a new giant amusement park they could call it; Sand World.

Indeed, we all got a laugh at that because there is Disneyland, Sea World and amusement parks called Water World. Why not call Beijing China; Sand World. Because that's eventually what it will become anyway.

Of course some day China will have to build giant walls around to the city to stop the sand flow and they may have to be as much as 150 feet high and then they will have to build another wall even higher just to hold back the sand, which is blowing constantly in the wind currents.

Maybe China should not worry about cleaning up its pollution? Because it seems Mother Nature is going to cover it all up over anyway? Something to think about I suppose? Please consider all this in 2006.

Source by Lance Winslow


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