Interesting Facts That Will Have Everyone Thinking Bamboo


Known to reach heights as tall as skyscrapers, bamboo has become a popular choice for today’s Eco-friendly shoppers. Although bamboo may look like trees because of its tall height and leaves, it is actually considered to be part of the grass family. Bamboo is described as a heavy wood plant with a hollow center. It has been considered to be Eco-friendly because of its fast growth rate. The plant is able to grow 100 cm (39 inches) or more per day and it continually has new sprouts, without the need for pesticides and fertilizers. It also absorbs carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, not to mention the fact that it actually helps protect against ultra violet rays. This plant is known for many great things and here are just a few known facts that may help refresh your memory or have you thinking, Bamboo:


Not only is bamboo the favorite meal to the panda bear, many Asian dishes are known to include edible bamboo shoots as well. In Asia, they can be found in supermarkets in various sliced forms, including fresh, dried and canned. The plant has been said to taste quite bitter if eaten raw. It is highly recommended that the edible sprouts be peeled and parboiled before taking a bite, to eliminate any cyanogen’s and to be able to enjoy its subtle flavor.

Building Material

Bamboo is known for its incredible strength. Although it may be lighter than steel, its strength is about 28,000 pounds per square inch versus 23,000 pounds per square inch for steel. Now that’s strength! It has been used to build luxury homes, bridges, resorts, buildings and more. In Mexico City, the largest bamboo building was built in 2009 by an architect named Simon Velez. This temporary building was called Zocalo Nomadic Museum and it measured an astonishing 55,200 square feet.


Just like Cotton sheets, bamboo has become a popular choice when it comes to bedding. It is more breathable then Cotton and it absorbs a lot more sweat, making it perfect to sleep in during the really hot summer days and nights. Its ability to insulate, will keep us warm and cozy during the cold winter nights. It is also resistant to bacteria since it contains an agent called “Bamboo Kun” which prevents bacteria from cultivating on it. Being antibacterial prevents the use of pesticides, which means a comfortable nights sleep.

Source by Linda Aviles


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