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The Met Office has warned that some areas may experience lightning strikes during thunderstorms later in the afternoon. A yellow thunderstorm warning was issued for south-west England where the wet weather is expected to give way to storm conditions. Meteorologist Becky Mitchell said: “You can see plenty of cloud across Scotland this morning, some heavy bursts of rain in places.

“That band of rain stretches down into northern England, Wales and southern England too.

“Over the next few hours, that rain is gradually going to spread its way further east so there will eventually be some rain this morning in East Anglia and southeast England.

“As we head to the late part of the morning and the afternoon there will be some brighter skies that will just creep in across Northern Ireland to bring sunshine and showers here.

“Also some brightness further towards southwest England but that could trigger some heavy and thundery showers across the southwest into southern Wales and central southern England as well.

JUST IN: UK weather forecast: Heavy rain to swamp Britain

“So some heavy downpours to contend with this afternoon here.

“Elsewhere it will be staying cloudy with some further outbreaks and feeling chilly.”

The Met Office weather forecaster explained the colder feel the start to the week will have.

For the majority of the country, temperatures will be around the mid to low teens with it feeling particularly cooler in the south due to strong winds.

Ms Mitchell continued: “Through the rest of the evening that rain continuing across southern counties.

He said: “Northern Ireland will be one of the brighter spots, Shetland also staying fairly bright.

“But across much of mainland Scotland, it stays cloudy with outbreaks of rain, particularly central-western areas but nowhere near as heavy as the rain we’ve got this morning.

“So still some heavy downpours in the evening rush hour in the South West of England and whilst there’ll be the odd spot of drizzle, many places will become dry overnight.”

“For tomorrow morning, he said “we could see temperatures as low as 5 celsius to start.

“So another cool start but compared with today, a lot brighter.”

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