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You will have no problem finding the fun in Las Vegas. There is always something exciting to do here, and to see. The scenic beauty of this location draws millions of tourists each year. Las Vegas is situated in the gorgeous Mojave Desert. The landscape of the mountains and the valley, create wonderful images.

Along with the scenery, tourists enjoy the exciting attractions and activities here. There are many ways to truly explore this location. This is why many people, plan their Las Vegas Vacations, seeking adventure. It doesn’t matter, what your particular interests are. You will find something great to do while on vacation.

Some visitors decide that touring the city is a good place to start. It’s no secret that city tours present wonderful opportunities to experience the area. You can choose a guided city tour, or something a bit more thrilling. Two popular tours available in Las Vegas, allow you to enjoy the view, from the air.

The Air Deluxe Tour is a plane ride. It is available here, and provides you with exciting scenery. You will travel to the Grand Canyon’s south rim. Once you land, there will be a narrated bus tour of the location. This is definitely an adventure, for taking pictures. Visitors get the opportunity to see one of the world’s marvels, with their own eyes.

Another aerial tour is the Grand Canyon Celebration Helicopter Tour. This tour is also a very special activity. You will see sights, such as, the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and the greater Grand Canyon area. This is definitely the trip of a lifetime, as well as, one of the best Las Vegas Vacations.

Families traveling to this destination are amazed by the offerings here. They are especially excited to find that there are many free attractions in Las Vegas. Some of these are even found in the city’s largest hotels. A great example of this is the Fountains at Bellagio. These fountains have become famous around the world.

No trip here would be complete without viewing them. They are best seen, however, at night during their light and music show. Another free attraction at this same hotel is the Conservatory at Bellagio. Here under a magnificent atrium, guests view wonderful plants and floral arrangements. This is a serene and beautiful location to visit in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the city.

The MGM Grand offers visitors some wonderful free options, as well. The Lion Habitat at MGM Grand is a popular stop. Visitors are thrilled to see some of the world’s most amazing cats. This habitat displays them in their everyday life. Children will simply love this attraction. All of these offerings, are a part of, what makes this destination great.

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