Eco-Engineers on a Mission to Save the World


Engineers Dick Strawbridge and Jem Stansfield are Planet Green’s eco-engineers and they are on a mission to fix the planet! Based in England, these two environmentally conscious problem solvers travel all over Europe to take on some of the most pressing environmental problems.

Planet Mechanics, on Discovery’s Planet Green follows Dick and Jem as they use their imagination and technical expertise to solve water pollution problems in Venice, Italy with a solar powered water taxi, and wood powered cars in England.

Dick Strawbridge is a 20 year veteran of the British army who has traveled the world developing his technical and engineering skills. He has appeared on shows like Scrapheap Challenge and Junk Yard Wars. Did I mention he’s cute as a bug?

Jem Stansfield has a degree in aeronautics and a profound love of nature. Jem has appeared in shows like Wild Thing I Love You, where he attempts to come up with solutions to the problems created for wildlife by humans exerting so much pressure on ecosystems. He was also on BBC2’s Science Shack and Men in White.

The episode that aired on Discovery Channel last night was the Tree Powered Truck. The show takes you through each step as Dick and Jem construct a vehicle that runs purely on wood chips and then they drive it through the streets of London… the bobbies didn’t seem too concerned. Finally, the guys delivered the little red, wood burning truck to an activist that was holding a tree planting day in London.

These two are adorable! My newest heroes in GREEN.

Sarah White, PhD

Illuminating Bliss

Source by Sarah White, Ph.D.


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