Did The CA Government Make Bad Planning Decisions Based On Bad Climate Science Modeling And Data?


Perhaps you noted in the news the issues with the largest dam in California, Oroville Dam. It’s main spillway which hadn’t been used in over ten years because of the drought and lack of water, failed. Then the emergency spillway which had never been used didn’t work as projected either mostly because it didn’t have an adequate or paved path down to the river from the tallest dam in CA which Oroville Dam is. It was known for over 15-years that there was a problem with the main spillway as it was written up in a report of needed repairs. Turns out those repairs like much of our nation’s infrastructure went unrepaired.

When asked about why this was, our governor, now Jerry Brown, stated that we have lots of things to fix in CA and we only have the money to do so much. But imagine the dam failed, then imagine the cost – now pit that against the cost of repairs, of just a few million, so why wasn’t it done? Just not a big priority – why not you ask? Well, maybe we can look back at the drought and the dire predictions by global warming alarmists that CA would be in permanent drought from here on out.

There was an interesting article in the Blaze Online titled; “Climate change fail: California hammered with rain, snow after alarmists predicted disaster,” by Justin Haskins on March 25, 2017 which stated:

“Despite grim warnings issued by climate change alarmists, the CA drought is ending in spectacular fashion. The US Energy Information Administration a federal government agency, ‘For the 1st time since 2011, California’s drought is significantly weakening-a result of one of the wettest winters on record. CA has experienced record levels of precipitation this winter, and unlike last winter, cooler temperatures over the 2016-2017 winter season have enabled the precipitation to build up snowpack.'”

Snowpack is now at 195% of average in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. If all that snow melts very quickly that would mean the Oroville Dam would be at maximum capacity and possibly overflow again before repairs are made, so the situation isn’t anywhere out of the woods yet. My question is; why would anyone trust the doom-and-gloom predictions of global warming alarmists when all their previous predictions which they claim are based on solid data, facts and the best climate models, didn’t come to fruition? Usually past performance is a good indication of future success or in this case lack of success in predicting much of anything.

In hindsight, we note that these climate models, global warming alarmists almost caused the biggest disaster in CA history, and we still don’t know if we are safe yet with all that snow pack – it’s like a loaded shot gun point right at us. Please consider all this and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow


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