GIS Mapping – Industries Awaken to New Breed of GIS Solutions


New developments in GIS mapping have allowed more accurate and complex analyses which directly benefit all industries, from environmental resources to market analysis. GIS mapping is more pervasive than ever due largely to developments in GIS software and an increase is abundant and more accurate spatial data. GIS analysis methods have been developed for every major industry so that complex models, decision support systems, mapbooks, and map production can be achieved with remarkably high precision and reliability.  With recent innovations in remote sensing and other forms of data collection, the private and public sectors create the GIS data necessary to support existing and new technical applications.

GIS mapping technology is relied on by almost every industry, though less than 10% have the ability to apply it proficiently and cost effectively. GIS software alone is a major cost consideration, often costing even the smallest companies between three to ten thousand dollars a year in license fees. With the use of a GIS mapping service, the end user can spend its resources making the best use of the GIS end product, and avoid the often cited reasons for GIS misuse: poor training, inept application of GIS, and high GIS overhead (software licenses, data, and continual training).

Services that offer GIS solutions to industries have the flexibility and cross-disciplinary experience to properly apply the best use of GIS for the most accurate results. As an example, business territories can be accurately delineated using the client’s information of store locations, sales data, demographics, and market trend data. Multiple territory scenarios can be evaluated by having GIS calculate the logistical costs of serving these markets over time. The same GIS service can also analyze the air or water pollution discharges of a facility or non-point source over time. This cross-discipline ability by one GIS mapping service to service multiple industries benefits each industry.

GIS mapping is gaining more traction in every industry due to recent innovations in industry specific GIS applications and the necessary spatial data to serve them. GIS services still remain the most cost effective and skilled solution for industries to realize the great benefits of GIS to their operations and business practices.

Source by Chris Erichsen


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