How to Take Care of Your Professional Hair Shears


How do I Oil my Shears?

Camellia oil or sumo oil is a pure oil from a tree in Japan. Samurai’s would use this on their swords. It comes in a pen style tube with a brush tip can help clean out hair from under the screw. There are other high quality oils on the market as well. Oil just where metal touches metal.

How do I Clean my Shears?

Wipe your shears with a clean cloth, chamois or jewelers polishing cloth. For additional cleaning or disinfection use rubbing alcohol or an oil based clipper disinfectant. Clean debris beneath the pivot screw with dental floss and a toothpick.

How Should I Store my Shears?

Protect your shears when not in use. It is best to have them in a breathable leather case, not plastic or in a protected rack.

How do I Adjust my Shears?

If your shears have a regular screw. Open your shears to a right angle Correct adjustment is when the blade moves slightly down. You do not want it to fall all the way down. This will cause the shear to fold hair. To adjust turn your screw in the proper direction. Only making a very slight adjustment. Check your shear. Do not tighten the screw completely then check. This could cause a defect in your screw.

When you believe you have the proper adjustment open the shear all the way up. Wiggle your shear. This is performed by using a rocking motion. Back and forth. This helps “seat” your washer. Then try another free fall. If it falls somewhere in the middle you should the proper adjustment.

If your shears have an adjustable knob. This is the most common type of screw found on Professional Hair Shears today. It is easy to adjust and holds your adjustment well. If you are folding hair, it is most likely because the screw is loose. Turn the screw to the right or left to adjust. Remember to wiggle the handles. Do this with the shear wide open so as not to damage the blades. Continue until you have the proper adjustment. The blade should fall somewhere in the middle. This will cut hair the best and will be the least strain for your hand.

How often should I Sharpen my Shears?

This depends on a number of factors. An average stylist will have their shears sharpened every 3-4 months. If you regularly perform the above suggestions you can probably go 4 months. Another suggestion is to alternate between 2 or more shears.

If you do a lot of slide cutting, cut more than 200 heads per month, cut dry unwashed hair probably every 2-3 months.

So, in conclusion, Use common sense with your Professional Hair Shears. Clean your shears with a soft cloth, keep them oiled and store them in a leather case. If you should have a blood spill or other matter on your shears, such as, hair product buildup, use isopropyl alcohol to clean them. This will kill just about any bacteria and viruses. Your shears are a big investment. If your shears are not working properly you will actually end up losing money. Keep them sharpened and maintained by a qualified shear technician. One bad sharpening can ruin your shears forever.

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Source by Robert G Abraham


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