Sustainable Urbanization In The Developing Countries In Respect Of Housing For All


To make a city eco friendly, there should be a change in the life style of the people and the economic conditions. For the sustainability, the technology plays a major role. Properly planned infrastructure might bring a change in the economy and the life style. The essentials of the urban people are the unpolluted air, clean water and secured life. At present, about three fourths of the world’s energy is being consumed by the cities. Emission of the green house gases are nearly eighty percent from the cities. To make a greener environment, the life style of the people should be changed compulsorily. For the eco friendly urbanization, the main power is sustainable mobility.

Safe transportation facilities are essential for the sustainability. With the latest techniques available, the sustainability could be brought in to the urban areas. Experts in the various transportation techniques should be grouped up to bring an efficient transportation system. The rail transportation as well as road transportation should be improved and modernized to get an eco friendly atmosphere. Fastest means of transportation would always bring better results. The rail systems should be electrified to better up the freight movements as well as for the mass transportation. Energy solutions are also one of the essentials of the urban development. More savings in the energy bring down the cost and thereby push the economy upwards. For bringing down the energy cost, proper infrastructure is needed. An effective building with efficient energy saving techniques surely brings the economy to a good position. Each and every residential as well as commercial building should be assured of fire safety, proper electrical power distribution and security for normal living. To manage the energy demands in a city, the power grids must be effective. The transmission and distribution of the energy should be done through the high efficiency power grids that are very much reliable and are able to supply the energy to the consumers in a stable manner.

Water supply is one of the major elements in urbanization. People should be provided with clean drinking water solutions to lead a healthy life in the urban areas. Contagious diseases spread through the drinking water. To protect people from the dangerous diseases, drinking water should be provided after processing. The administration should be strong enough to satisfy all the basic needs of the urban people for the safe and healthy living. Treatment of the waste water is also considered as an essential feature of urbanization. Public safety is the important factor in urbanization. People living in a city would like to dwell in the city, only when the safety is perfect. When they are ensured with the security services, they will never move to other places. It is the local authorities who give assurance for safety in a city. The safety should not be a short term one. It should be continued for long with the right technology available. To give a safe atmosphere, the buildings should be safeguarded properly. Fire safety should be maintained with the smoke and fire detection techniques. Techniques to control fire through fire extinguishers should be present in the buildings. Surveillance through remote video systems is encouraged to maintain a safety environment in the residential area. Fire safety products should be provided to the residents to make them more confident to have a carefree living in the city. The areas where the public usage is more should be protected well. Places of transport such as airport, railway junctions and harbors should be given valuable protection.

Source by Sivapriya Anand



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