Cedar Homes – Green Living That’s Affordable and Luxurious


Eco-friendly Cedar Home Packages

Designed to promote sustainable living and built with environmentally sound materials and processes, high quality kit home packages are perfect for discriminating eco-savvy home buyers. These eco-friendly home packages are developed based on the custom details of each order and shipped worldwide to accommodate the building location of the homeowner.

Renewable Resources and Responsible Practices

More than 75% of these custom homes are made from renewable resources. As a result, homeowners enjoy a prefab log home with more beauty and character, and one that’s more efficient than traditional homes.

Energy Efficient – Resulting in Cost Savings

Cedar homes, post and beam homes and timbercrafted homes are sought-after due to the use of premium, Western Red Cedar. This stable and durable building material is very energy efficient, resulting in cost savings for owners.

To minimize the environmental impact of the building process, these homes are built from carefully premeasured home packages consisting of the precise amount of required materials. Every component that will go into these homes is counted, so any waste is greatly minimized.

Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

What’s also resonating with today’s eco-smart home buyers is the fact that wood homes reduce greenhouse gas emissions because they use less carbon dioxide in their construction process and operation. Manufacturers work to protect this valuable, sustainable resource by only using timber from forests that are immediately replanted.

Eco-savvy homeowners want to design their home according to the landscape, and to conserve as much energy as possible. In the last few years, there has been an increased interest in the inherent, natural attributes of cedar homes – people want to create their own sustainable environment.

Homes From the Inside Out

On the inside, these custom homes get high marks for what is referred to in the green building industry as “indoor environmental quality.” Manufacturers of these prefab log homes use brand-name suppliers who meet the high standards of regulatory bodies and educated consumers. For instance, window suppliers are leading ENERGY STAR certified companies and front runner in the area of environmental manufacturing processes. Since a large percentage of each home is framed around magnificent views, windows play an important role in the indoor environmental quality of each home. Not only do they let natural light into the living space, approved windows can contribute to green building certification due to their efficiency and ability to improve air quality.

Many prefab log home designs can also include unseen, but important, features to increase sustainability. Radiant barrier sheathing, improved insulation and duct sealing are just a few components. Other visible environmental features that can be part of a cedar home are low-VOC paints and stains, solar panels, radiant heat flooring, hot-water-on-demand, geothermal systems, and metal roofs.

Custom Prefab Log Homes

The benefits of a custom home residence, however, do not end with its sustainable design, development and functionality. The warmth and aesthetic appeal of premium Western Red Cedar and other wood species, combined with each home’s distinctive design elements, contribute to the growing, global demand for our unique products and services.

Complete Custom Home Customization

There is the opportunity for complete customization that is specific to the building lot and unique to each homeowner’s needs before the package goes into production. A carefully customized site plan is critical to green home design and building practices. Design principles such as conserving the natural surroundings, and house orientation to maximize passive solar heating and cooling are processes used when planning the home sites.

Source by Robert Chodowski


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