Freeform In Ground Pools


Swimming is one of the few recreational activities that allows you to not only relax but exercise. Actually, the relaxing feel one gets just by being in a swimming pool means that you really do not need to know how to swim in order to get into a pool even though it is better if you do; you can sit at the pool’s edge and let your feet hang inside the pool. If you are considering installing an in ground pool, one of the designs you might want to bear in mind is the freeform pool.

Whether at home or as part of a hotel’s facilities or as part of a club, a pool is more than just a place for swimming. When present, it must form an integral component of the landscaping design. An in ground pool has the capability of adding that touch of class, uniqueness and accentuating the overall look of your home or any other facility it is located. It is this understanding that has led to the growing popularity of freeform in ground pools.

Freeform pools can either be ready-made or custom designed. Different manufacturers have come up with different ready made pool designs. The design chosen will depend on what the intended use of the pool is. For custom freeform pools, you as the buyer work with a designer to come up with the exact design that you prefer. The freeform pools can be given a natural feel by incorporating artificial waterfalls, mini streams and rocks. This makes the pool blend better into its surrounding.

Even though both the ready made and the custom design would need you to engage the services of a landscape architect, it is the custom design that would require such professional input even more. The intricate level of detail required in the custom design means that getting it wrong can be quite difficult to correct later and even where you can correct it, the costs will be very high. Before you opt for either a ready made freeform pool or take the custom design route, you must take time to do your research so that your final choice is based on a wide range of alternatives.

Other than the design, your eventual choice will be informed by your budget and the type of material you would like to use. Even with a budget, do not go for the cheapest freeform pool available; you must balance cost with quality so that you do not have to incur heavy future maintenance and repair costs because of opting for the cheapest pool.

When it comes to the material to use, the three most common ones for freeform pools are vinyl, concrete and fibre glass. Each of these has their advantages and disadvantages. Fibreglass pools are cheaper and easier to maintain. Vinyl is preferred for children’s pools. Concrete pools are longer lasting but are known to crack if the pool is located in an area of widely varying weather conditions such as extreme winter.

Source by Christopher D Griffin


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