Why Use a Car Cover?


For many people, a garage or car port is not a luxury they have, so their car is kept outside sitting exposed to the elements all year round. Strong UV rays from the baking summer sun beat down onto exposed vehicle exteriors, fading the paintwork, vinyl trim rubber parts. Rain water works its way over the exterior and over time may begin to corrode any sensitive or unprotected areas. The rainwater can also dry onto the paintwork and cause unsightly water spotting, that, if left in direct sunlight, can be difficult to remove. Strong winds bring with them contaminants and debris that can be driven into the exterior of unprotected cars having an abrasive effect and degrading the finish over time, and extreme cold conditions may cause your cars exterior to be exposed to freezing snow, ice and even hail stones.

There is then the vast array of other potential hazards and threats that have nothing to do with the weather but are still beyond your control. Things like bird droppings, tree sap and industrial fallout can all come into contact with, and attack the exterior of your car causing various forms of damage. Other people can pose threats to the exterior of your car also; Construction workers cutting concrete and mixing cement close by can inadvertently cover your car in thick cement or brick dust, or a careless neighbor painting their house or fence could easily contaminate the outside of your car with paint specks and over spray. Over time, all of these things combine to degrade, dull, oxidize, corrode and prematurely age the paintwork and exterior parts of your car.

It is when a vehicle is left sitting outside for any considerable amount of time that contamination, corrosion and damage are most likely to occur, set in and take hold. If your car is kept outside but is regularly used and washed then these things have less of a chance to set in and take hold and it would simply be too impractical to put on and remove a car cover every day, but whenever your car is left sitting for any more than a few days, for example if you go on vacation or if it is taken off the road to be repaired or restored then it is here when a car cover should be used to protect it.

Car and vehicle covers can also act as a great theft and vandal deterrent because it increases the risk of the perpetrator being caught, as it’s one extra thing they have to get around before gaining access to it, so it is not only an investment into your vehicles safety but also into its security. The cost of a good car cover may be an initial outlay, but it would most likely be less than a repair bill from a body shop, or much less than the increase in your insurance premiums if you have to make a claim because your vehicle was easily stolen.

Finally, there is the fact that today’s car covers are made using paintwork friendly, high tech, durable materials that fit properly and will last for the life of the car. They are very easy to put on and remove, taking only a few minutes and can usually be done by one person on their own which means that it’s not such a chore to do and you won’t have to enlist the help of others.

Source by Joe Mcdonald


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