Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emission


Open any newspaper or magazine, you can get articles on carbon footprint and its bad side effects on our environment. It destroys the polar ice bergs and also changes the climate bringing different types of downfall to human existence. There are huge amount of evidence to prove that humans have done sever damage to this earth and also to the ecosystem. It is the law of nature that environment system should always remain in balance. But due to the enormous development in technology and research, things are changing at a very high pace. There are many people those are still not aware what carbon footprint is. Well, many businesses are releasing CO2 emission to the environment. Industries, factories, manufacturing belts, IT companies and also activities in our homes are bringing carbon dioxide emission.

There are various preventive ways in reducing the impact of carbon dioxide that includes less electricity consumption, reduction in the use of fossil fuels, and saving water. The high rate of using transportation mediums brings air pollution. Drive small cars and fly less can lower down the carbon emission. Use recycle and reusable materials to protect the value of our planet. Today, many small and big companies are launching recyclable and reusable environment friendly products those are highly beneficial to the planet. It is true that using recycling things has zero result on the environment. To bring constructive result, you need to find ways for carbon neutral. The main problem of such pollution is the cutting down of trees. Deforestation encourages carbon dioxide emission and drags serious climatic change. Nowadays, governments of many countries are encouraging a-forestation. Planting trees is a bright method to go against carbon dioxide emission. For best result, use renewable energy like solar power, wind and water. The use of bio-fuels is one of the best sources of renewable energy.

Here below are some of the best methods to reduce the production of carbon footprint:

  • Buy Local made products: To save cost of transportation and energy, it is wise to use local farming products. Green food products are highly eco-friendly, but before that you need to find out whether it is from your locality or from outer region. If you buy products those are imported from outside regions, then the rate of CO2 emission may be high.
  • Use reused Bags and other products: Care to buy products those are reusable and recyclable. Never use plastic bags for your shopping activities.
  • Focus on Natural lights: Allow light to pass into your home through the window, use glass tiles, blinds, building retrofits and bright wall colors.
  • Use Glass: Use washable and reused food and water containers like plastic, ceramic and glass.
  • Reduce air conditioner temperature: Run A.C. in the lowest temperature and seal air leakage gaps. This will save lots of your electricity.
  • Use Sanitizer power saving bulbs: This is a wonderful alternative than those incandescent bulbs.

There are other methods of reducing carbon footprint, but the main message is to find ways to make this earth green.

Source by Jackson Mutebi


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