Recycling NanoTube Materials in Junk Yards


With any new material mankind creates there is always the problem of what to do with it when you begin to discard hundreds of thousands or millions of tons of it, for instance plastic soda and water bottles, junk cars, tires or silicon computer chips and components . One new material on the horizon is carbon nanotubes with so many potential uses it will replace many of our favorite materials we make stuff out of today. Carbon nanotubes can be made transparent; they are 50 times stronger than steel; they are flexible and can even conduct electricity. Obviously for a material like that our world will never be the same and many of our current materials will become completely obsolete.

Well, don't worry yet, as we still have about five to ten years before we will have to worry about this. At first new materials will be used for military and critical needs and these materials will be costly to produce thus whatever we make out of them, would not be anything that was not extremely valuable and expensive itself. Meaning we would not be throwing them away anytime soon and certainly not in a public dump.

Yet as we make more and more things out of nanotubes we will need to have a recycling program, luckily nanotube construction is about the simplest thing in the world to reform into another product as just about anything can be made from carbon nanotubes. In fact we maybe able to take all the worlds pollution and make them into carbon nanotubes and then into things that we need, as we do we will need a program to reform them when we are through with them. Think on this.

Source by Lance Winslow


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