Water Distillers: The Real Water Purifiers


Water is the simplest compound in the universe. The primary function of water is to hydrate the cells in our body so that we may maintain youth, energy, and vitality. If you are into anti-aging supplements and treatments, the water is the quintessential anti-aging supplements. But the key to proper hydration is that all of the water molecules are absorbed and assimilated into all of our cells with no added minerals or impurities.

With the widely known fact that tap water is polluted and laced with toxic chemicals, we are faced with 2 alternatives: bottled drinking water, or a home water purifier. Bottled drinking water comes with many different labels (all of which should be scrutinized)- “spring water”, “mineral water”, “alkaline water”, etc. Likewise, a home water purifier can fall under different categories with varying qualities also- water filters, water ionizers, reverse osmosis systems, or a water distiller.

Most of us are confused by the various types of water purifiers and assume that each system produces pure, clean water. This, unfortunately, is not the case. Only a water distiller is capable of removing the five major categories of water pollution. A water distiller can remove:

*bacterial contaminants

*organic chemicals

*inorganic salts

*heavy metals

*radioactive contaminants

But do we really need a water distiller?

Each individual has different immune responses and capabilities to resist colds, infections, and even chemical contaminants in air and water. So a bacterial contaminant or heavy metal contaminant in your neighbors’ drinking water may have little affect on them, while that same contaminant may create a disease condition in your body, or vice versa.

Considering all the unknowns about possible chemical contaminants, a point-of-use home water purifier that ensures the highest quality drinking water would undoubtedly be a water distiller. Again though, every type of home water purifier as well as “purified” bottled drinking water may have its advantages, or meet specific individual needs but, when selecting the best water purifier, it basically boils down to how pure you need your drinking water to be. For partially purified water, a carbon filter or a reverse osmosis system will suffice. For completely purified water that’s capable of adequate cell hydration, a water distiller with carbon prefiltration is the ideal choice.

A Water Distiller Structures Water

A water distiller produces water whose molecules are hexagonally (six-sided) structured. This is the naturally occurring molecular structure of pure rain and fresh snow (snowflakes have six sides/points). Biochemists tell us that a healthy body- hydrated, youthful, energetic- has water molecules that are six-sided. A water distiller is a definite step towards health and vitality.

A home water distiller can range anywhere from $300 to $700, depending on size and capability. Choose the water purification system that is consistent with your family’s lifestyle. If optimum health, rest, and exercise are a concern, then a water distiller is consistent with that lifestyle!

Do some responsible research and find the best water purifier for you and your family’s needs. In these times, it is a must that we take every measure to support and maintain our health and wellness.

Source by Edwin Geronimo


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