Global Warming Will Kill Us All Say Alarmists; Do You Believe It?


One inconsistent scare and fear tactic is being labeled as truth; but is Global Warming real? Many folks in the political realm are using this to attack their political opponents and we have politics and political Think Tank generating hundreds of reports per month of doom and gloom. The all basically say the same thing in so many words; Global Warming Will Kill Us All.

The question is can we believe them? They say forget Ethanol as farmers will not be able to grow their crops or get their yields, their crops will be destroyed by Global Warming supposedly. Some of these alarmists say this will rock human civilizations to the core and test their abilities and then ask; Why is no one doing anything about it, what about humanity they say?

Humanity? Humans never do anything until there is a crisis and then everyone gets in a hoopla. Surely you can see through this. And yet the alarmists say can't you see the changes? But change is the only constant. Here we go in their Y2K speech, hide under your desk Russians will attack and International Terrorists will kill us all? Look Santa Clause myth, I figured out at 3 1/2 years old. Well personally I am not buying any of this.

There is a list somewhere of some 12,000 scientists who do not believe in Global Warming, but many of them are simply not willing to speak up, it just is not worthy it anymore. Many of these scientists say; "It is BS". Now then most everyone does agree on not polluting and have no problem if you remove the Scare Tactics and call it something else.

Sure let's stop the pollution on land in the sea and in the air, but lets not crush civilization so some Billionaires can seize control of the energy sector. Perhaps this article might spark debate in 2007, as that is the purpose.

Source by Lance Winslow


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