Reduce Water Consumption in Industries


Water has been becoming increasingly expensive as the charges for main supply, bottled water, tankers, sewerage and trade discharge all are rising. One of the easiest and inexpensive ways to save some cost is by reducing your overall consumption.

Most of the industries of the world can save up to 30% of costs incurred from water usage by implementing some simple measures to minimize its consumption. Companies think they know it better what quantity they are consuming and where it basically goes. But we doubt do they really know?

An industry can reduce its overall consumption by modifying or replacing the current equipment being used with the water-saving equipment to reduce overall consumption as well as increase internal reuse. To optimize the quantity used by industries, it is important to assess usage and set goals.

Water consumption by industries places great pressures on the natural systems, impacting its quantity as well as quality. The increasing water need of the industrial sector and growing number of population has led to severe shortages of this resource in many areas. By reducing the consumption in industries, you can address the issue of global water crisis.

How to conserve water in Industries

  • Build awareness among your co-workers and employees about the need of water-conservation. Educate them about the scarcity issues, which can be faced if they don't adopt optimum methods of consuming this natural resource.
  • Inspect pipes and hoses in industries: The identification of leaks will become simple if the average usage is measured separately for all the operational activities.
  • Water consumption can be reduced in industries by minimizing its usage for cleaning purpose. Use brooms, and dry vacuum cleaners to clean the floor before washing it.
  • Another way to reduce water consumption is by reusing it within the business and between businesses wherever possible by investigating the actual quality required for internal processes.

Importance of Optimization of water in Industries

It is important to optimize the water usage by industries because it can increase its availability in local sources by reducing overall withdrawals from there. Also, the productivity of water used will increase leading to lowering wastewater discharge into the local sources. Thus, consumption of thermal energy will be lowered, which will again lead to a decrease in processing cost incurred by industries.

More pressures are put on industries by wastewater discharge than are actually put by the consumption of water in production. Most industries generate major pollutants like nutrients, heavy metals, pathogens, oil sediments, organic and inorganic chemicals, and heat, as the result of their producing activities.

Source by Roshni Gautam


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