Neurodermitis: My Personal Experience of Recovery


In this article I want to explain to you my personal experience of how I recovered from Neurodermitis

In the end when the pain became too strong to handle I gave up the fight and discovered how I myself had created the whole drama in the first place. With that knowledge I was able to get rid of all my symptoms within a very short time (less than 2 weeks). A miracle for the people in my life, for me a logical result of the steps I have taken to eliminate the cause of Neurodermitis and all the various symptoms.

Maybe I can inspire you to at least try for yourself what I have found.

My Neurodermitis experience started with a small dry spot

It started on my right foot, the skin became very dry and after a week the skin was very damaged and opened up and began to bleed. I didn’t take it very serious and went to a dermatologist who gave me cortisone for treatment. This worked for a few weeks until the same symptoms started on my left foot as well. For the next few month the symptoms grew continually until I was forced to take a closer look to have a solution. Even though still in the beginning the symptoms kept me from dressing normally, wearing shoes was very uncomfortable and the whole issue needed constant attention.

There is no cure

I went to see more doctors and researched on the internet to find a solution with no success. What I was looking for, was a cure and not some creme, oil or drug to suppress the symptoms. No I wanted my health back. It took me 6 month to see very clearly that no cure is available and decided to come up with a way to help myself. I attended many seminars, even though none of them gave me the insights that helped me get rid of the symptoms, the combined effort led me in the right direction.

Treating the symptoms only helped for a while

For the next 6 month, I focused on all the different ways to treat the symptoms to feel better and have a more manageable situation. All of those different options did help me for a while until the Neurodermitis symptoms became worse and needed stronger and new ways to treat the symptoms. So it was always a temporary solution for me. When the symptoms reached its maximum effect the only remedy that helped me was Linola Oil which kept the skin moist and flexible and gave me some relief.

My skin would become extremely dry and swollen, especially behind my knees, elbows and on my hands the skin became so dry that it opened up and started bleeding. Many times a day I would all of a sudden feel an enormous itch on my skin which would cause me to attack those areas by scratching until the painful itch was gone. The resulting pain was by far more comfortable than having to deal with the itching itself. At times the scratching effort was so strong that I would get sore muscles from the effort. No matter what I tried to keep me from attacking myself failed, the forces inside myself took over and I was completely powerless over the itching-scratching habit.

The main problem in having Neurodermitis is the itch-scratch cycle

Besides having all the various pains in my body the real problem was how I felt about myself. I felt very guilty for not being able to work, especially since I used to define myself by what I was doing. I also felt very insecure about the visual aspect of my skin and started to isolate myself from the world so that nobody would see my skin. Many of my friends were indeed scared when they saw what was going on.

In my opinion, the mental aspect of having to deal with Neurodermitis is as painful, frustrating and difficult as the physical pain, and in my experience, it creates a vicious cycle that makes it a progressive disease. The frustration and constant thinking about the problem creates the skin to react even more strongly creating even more impact on the psyche and so on, a never ending cycle.

There are many theories about what is causing Neurodermitis

There are many theories behind the causes of Neurodermitis and I systematically addressed those where its possible. The ones which can be influenced by anybody are: Food, allergic reactions, climate, sunlight, exposure to water. Then there are the ones which seem to be predetermined such as genes and family background. Those cannot be changed, even though I now have a different opinion on those. In my opinion, it’s a waste of time to even think about it since there is nothing that can be done about it.

In my personal experience it all comes from our thoughts and feelings

When the skin rush started and developed into Neurodermitis, I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I did not have the insights I have today and the knowledge how to deal with it. But it is very clear to me that the whole experience that lasted about 4 years was created by my own thinking and feelings. There is a reason why its called Neuro which stands for the nervous system (mind) and dermitis which stands for skin.

How can I be so sure? When I discovered the process of dealing with the feelings and with my thinking the result was immediate. The symptoms disappeared and my skin healed. I am very practical and to me the proof is always in the result.

Does it work for other people as well? Yes and it is my goal to give this knowledge to anybody who is looking for a solution. I will talk more about it in other parts of this blog. So let me continue to describe my experience of recovering from Neurodermitis.

At the peak of my pain and suffering, I realized, that my whole life was about my disease. I was thinking about it 24hours a day without any rest. I now realize, that subconsciously there was a benefit to it, I did not have to deal with the challenges I had in my life AND I had an excuse for it – Neurodermitis. In working with many people, I know that you have to be ready to make the change and that very often we say we want to get better without actually taking the steps necessary to make the change. And my case was the same, when I hit the bottom, I couldn’t take the pain anymore and the solution presented itself very quickly.

When you are ready the solution will come

And I was ready after the pain became so big I couldn’t take it any more. I realized that I was looking for a solution where it wasn’t. When my problems started I had a lot of fear, frustration and unanswered questions about my career and my life in general. So the main issue was fear, and that fear feeling wasn’t going away from cortisone, pills and ointments. This fear was growing and impacting my body. The fear is going hand in hand with the frustration of not being able to make a change. I was suppressing that fear and frustration creating the Neurodermitis symptoms which added even more stress to the already difficult situation. Since I am used to solve my problems with thinking I never stopped which made it even more difficult.

What I have learned is that all thinking, and especially, the negative thinking is being recorded in our mind, and the associated emotions are stored in our bodies. Every time we have a thought of stress, and we resist it that energy is being accumulated in our bodies. Thousand negative fear thoughts, about our future or about our health, are being accumulated in our bodies. All those seemingly unrelated thoughts become an even bigger thought that eventually go under our skin.

The way out

After I found out that I was able to undo the accumulated past thoughts of my whole life the Neurodermitis disappeared and never came back. I found a way of directly going into the “pockets” of suppressed thought energy from the past to kick them out of my body. The best thing about it was that the process is very fast and easy to learn and do. It was so very different from anything that I had ever experienced before and to my knowledge is very different any approach that is available today. So after finding how to rid myself of the suppressed stress and frustration I stopped itching about 4 days later and after another 10 days I looked like I never had Neurodermitis. I realize now, while writing about what happened in 2005 it just seems to easy, but thats what it is once the reason for the problem is resolved it JUST DISAPPEARS like it had never existed.

It is not necessary to understand how it works

To eliminate what is causing Neurodermitis it is absolutely NOT necessary to self analyze ones life or to understand what has happened in the past, that is in the domain of psychotherapy. The reality is very simple by just working with what is. No special skills or knowledge is necessary. Isn’t it always the simple things that create the best results?

The proof is in the result

Since 2005 I have worked with hundreds of different people suffering from many different issues which come from the same effect caused by suppressed emotions. Headaches, back pain, pain in general, slow healing wounds, asthma are all caused by the same effect and change within minutes of applying the process. In April this year I was hiking in sandals and hit my right toe badly on a rock, I sat down and worked on it for 5 minutes, the next day there was no swelling, no coloration and no pain left. The process is the same and the possible applications are many but I am now focussing on Neurodermitis first.

The question is, if you are ready? If you are ready please contact me to find out how you can get rid of Neurodermitis.

Source by Guido Walter


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