The Climate Of Lahore In March


The climate of Lahore in the month of March is average with warm days and cool nights. The rainfall is good but is confined to two or three days in a month. Therefore, there is plenty of sunshine. Below is a brief overview of the climate which one can expect in March at Lahore.


In the beginning of the month, the day time temperatures are around 73 F which resemble those of an English summer. The nights are pretty cool with temperatures around 50 F. By the middle of the month with increased incoming solar radiation and clear skies the day time temperature reaches 81 F that resemble a Mediterranean summer. The nights however are still cool at about 55 F. As the month nears its end, day time temperatures up to 90 F must be expected; that is a typical tropical day time temperature. The night time temperatures are now around 60 F which are still comfortable.

The temperature pattern described above shows that one can enjoy the weather of three distinct climatic regions of the world at Lahore in the month of March.


The western disturbance rain bearing system is at its height in the Month of March. Whenever it crosses the Indian subcontinent, it gives appreciable rain to every station its visits. The more western and northern the station is, the heavier and consistent is the rainfall. Lahore is lucky in the sense that it is the eastern most city of Pakistan and therefore is located at the tail end of this rain bearing system. Even then it gets about 1.75 inches of rainfall with two or three rainy days in the whole month. Compare this with Islamabad located just 190 miles to the north-west but which receives about 4 inches of rainfall from this system and has six to seven rainy days.

Records Of Rainfall and Temperature:

All time high temperature ever recorded at Lahore in the month of March was 106 F on March 25th 1892. The all time low temperature ever recorded in the month of March was 40 F on March 5th 1910. The highest ever monthly rainfall in the month of March has been in the March of 1934 which was 10 inches.

It follows from the above discussion, that the overall day time temperatures of Lahore in March are warm but the nights are refreshingly cool and pleasant.

Source by Waqar Awan


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