Lansdowne – A Mixture of Military Culture and Kumoani Traditions


A small tranquil town tucked in upper Himalayan region surrounded by tall oaks and blue pines, Lansdowne is a heavenly retreat to all those who wish to be close to be Mother Nature. Perched at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level, Lansdowne, India was initially established as a cantonment for Garwahl rifles by the British.

A mixture of military culture and Kumoani traditions, Lansdowne tourism offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the scenic beauty and explore the mountain ranges that surround the valley. It is ideal for tourists who seek isolation and want to enjoy a peaceful time away from the hustle – bustle of their routine. A tour to Lansdowne may include visit to a number of vantage points like Snow view and Tiffin top, with cool Himalayan winds whispering in your ears and the snow caped mountain peaks casting a spell on the eyes. A mix of Rajasthani, Kumaoni and other cultures, there are a number of temples and shrines to be visited here. Jalpa Devi temple, Durga Devi, Tarkeshwar Mahadev shrine, to name a few.

Lansdowne attractions also include Karnava Ashram, located at a distance of 14km.
A look at the Lansdowne travel map will reveal a few treks organized by the Garwahl tourism which can also be coupled with camps, a must for adventure seekers. Near by sites include Kotdwar and Satpuli, a small village with picturesque location.

Though few in number, Lansdowne Hotels and promise a comfortable stay to their guests. There are also private lodges and department owned accommodations that can be availed. Hotels may also arrange for Lansdowne sightseeing to the nearby spots.

Uttaranchal Department base camps may also be arranged for the tourists.

Like other Himalayan destinations, the climate in Lansdowne is pleasant in summers, with the days being warm. One could take time out, relax and enjoy oneself in nature’s laps. Winters months can be severely cold with snow fall at times. Best time to visit Lansdowne is essentially from March to October.

Initiatives by the government have been taken to preserve nature and promote ecotourism in Lansdowne. A disciplined hill station, Lansdowne, retains its fresh invigorating environment and is an excellent destination to unwind and relax.

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