The Danger Within


With President Trump continually putting his foot in his mouth inciting more division in an already divisive country there lies a danger more insidious than the words spouted by our President. In the wake of the aftermath of Charlottesville where our leaders and the press have devoted to keeping the tensions rising we all should be focusing on a common denominator that every one of us needs in order to survive. We all need food, clean fresh water, clothes, and shelter. I am afraid that these basic human needs are sadly lacking in practically every city and town all across the country. Yet, too much of our energy is wasted on the bigotry that has emerged in the form of our President. If just for once it would be great if our President and Congress focus on the real danger lurking in every grocery store. Sadly though our President continues to push the racial divide that has now escalated into a full blown crisis. This when the real crisis at hand is one of the very basic needs of humanity.

The propaganda media and the establishment elites have imbedded themselves to turn the nation's attention away from the clear and present danger facing populations especially Americans by scaring us with thought of imminent danger from North Korea and the mounting racial tensions. A repeat of history for it was just about 43 years ago that the media was so focused on Watergate the US was blind sided by our first energy crisis. Today, we again are being misled by the media in collusion with multinational corporations backed up by US sanctions knowing full well what they are doing to populations. In the name of profit first these multinational corporations are killing food sources, pollinators and people with the chemicals used in every corporate farming application.

It is this summer at the peak of our growing season farmers have been recently posting photographs on social sites like Twitter and Facebook showing their crops withering and dying. Today, millions of acres of farmland all across the country have been decimated by the herbicide dicamba. For over 20 years Chemical and seed giants of Monsanto, DuPont and BASF SE have created GMO crops that were intended to withstand pesticides including dicamba. The problem being that these GMO food sources have not only these chemical compounds being absorbed into crops farmers continue to use dicamba to kill weeds but we continue to consume these crops. The real reason why the public is not fully aware of this crisis is because the major media outlets refuse to alarm the population by not publishing the photos that the farmers have been posting on the Internet. The bigger question is why? Just maybe the mega news conglomerates and many elected officials have been in bed with these chemical giants for a very long time. And, if the population knew what these corporations were actually doing and the obscene profits they are making let alone the diseases that are a direct cause of what is actually in our food this gravy train could come to a screeching halt.

While crops continue to wither and die the cost of food continues to rise and the spread of illnesses continues to multiply. One of the major crops has always been soybeans and with the massive damage to soybean crops this summer farmers are forced to by Monsanto GMO soybean seeds. Already the profits that Monsanto derived form this catastrophe has again driven up the cost of just about every thing else consumers buy. The EPA under the Trump Administration apparently not very concerned to stop Monsanto to end the use of GMO seeds and the mass spraying of pesticides and herbicides. Meanwhile, it is not widely known that dicamba is very toxic when ingested. The fact of the matter is that all pesticides used in today's corporate farming applications are very toxic. This toxicity is a prime cause to why diseases especially in America has been increasing faster every year. Yet no one seems to know why or even care as to why cancer, diabetes and other illnesses keep increasing and infecting more and more of our population.

Every year in the United State over 40,000 people are diagnosed with diabetes, more suffer cancer, and even more of our population suffer from obesity. Many auto-immune disorders like celiac and lupus have also risen dramatically. Apparently the medical community won't acknowledge that they can't put two and two together in figuring out that Monsanto and other GMO food that we have been ingesting for decades now is the prime reason why so many come down with preventable illnesses.

Today we all are under assault on a daily basis from chemicals in the air, our water, {Flint Michigan ring a bell} and our food. And, like today with the debate about vaccinations the cause and effect is separated so that no one ever puts two and two together. But the fact of the matter is that the absorption of chemicals that is in our food, our water, and our air is killing people at a much faster rate than ever before. The danger within is being purposely ignored just for profit.

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