Excessive Sweating Remedies – 3 Simple Anti Perspiration Techniques


It is quite common for human beings to sweat during summer and when the weather conditions are hot. This is a natural process used by the body to cool itself. However when the cooling process continuous indefinitely then you may require excessive sweating remedies to overcome the problem of hyperhidrosis. This problem happens due to the malfunction of sympathetic nervous system that continues to trigger the sweat glands even after enough cooling has taken place.

Here are some simple excessive sweating remedies that may help overcome this problem:

1) Firstly try and keep your body properly hydrated by drinking sufficient amount of water at frequent intervals throughout the day. This will help in the natural cooling of the body. Water also helps to throw out toxins that may otherwise accompany the sweat and produce bad odor.

2) Regular shower twice a day will help in keeping you clean and also get rid of germs and bacteria that produce the bad odor. You can use a mild antibacterial soap to get best results.

3) Carry antiperspirant wipes that may have aluminum chloride or some other chemical with the ability to block the sweat glands. Use the wipe to remove sweat from various parts of the body. This is one of the easiest excessive sweating remedies that produce excellent short-term results.

If the problem is severe in nature then you will have to take a treatment that is specific to the type of excessive perspiration you may be having. Treatment for facial sweating and excessive underarm sweating may be different. Some of the common excessive sweating remedies are – surgery, botox injections, and iontophoresis. Some of these treatments provide permanent long-term relief while others may give medium term relief.

Source by Chris Veekay


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