Earth as Our Body


What does it mean to look at the Earth as you would your own body?

We hear it said that the rain forests are the lungs of the world, oxygenating the air that we breathe.

Our body is made of about 70% water and the planet’s surface is covered with about the same area as water. The weather mainly involves the movement of water or water vapour.

Our body emotions flow through the water in our body and often come to the surface as expressions of emotions through tears in our eyes; while with the weather we may talk of an angry storm or a chill wind. When we are feeling a little depressed we may talk of the dark clouds hanging over us.

The different countries can take on the different qualities of our body. For example the skin colour of the people in each country differs.

Many of the people of Africa and the West Indies have a skin colour resembling the colour of our liver and kidneys. Our blood is red, our bile is yellow, and the pupils of our eyes are black, till we can find an example of all the colours of all the races in the world within the cell colour of our own body.

What I am portraying here is a comparison which really makes you think.

If the people of the world are really the same as the cells of the body on a conscious world level, we need to look at the world in a whole new way. For one country to wage war on another is like the brain attacking the heart.

What you end up with is heart dis-ease. The same on the planet – war between counties only hurts the world and should now be treated like a disease or illness. If there were a war going on in our body and there were dis-ease, we would become aware of this with the feeling of pain.

It would be described, for example, as liver failure, as the cells would have died due to constant bombardment of the immune system or too much work or pollution within the body. The same with the planet; we have to respect the wholeness and oneness of life on our planet.

If we find conflict in the world, treat it with love not war. War destroys the organs of the living world like liver or heart dis-ease; while love is like healing, bringing new growth, balance and health to the diseased area.

We are now moving into the New Earth – a time when we see and experience the wholeness of life. Let’s all start to breathe love into areas of conflict and bring healing both to ourselves and the planet on which we live.

As we learn to calm our feelings and emotions we will see the weather patterns coming back into balance. Let’s learn to love and respect all life and see it as a part of ourselves.

Source by George Lockett


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