Best Things to Photograph in Bisbee, AZ


Bisbee has become a haven for Artists and retirees that has become one of Arizona’s best places for tourism. It once was a thriving mining town that was full of the life and vigor that typified the old west. There are small nooks and crannies in the town and the surrounding area that speaks to us of this glorious time of the “rough and tough Old West”.

Bisbee, the whimsical Southern Arizona mining town, provides tours of a historic mine on one of the original mining trains. Unlike most mines, caves and caverns photographs are allowed inside the mine. You can capture the look and feel of what it must to have been like to be underground in those days in a time that was over a century ago without our modern creature comforts.

Coronado caves or Geronimo’s cave, as some of the natives like to call it, is another place in the Bisbee area for a spectacular photographic adventure. This underground network of tunnels and caves stretches out for miles beneath the Arizona desert. They offer many daily tours that will awe you like you wouldn’t believe.

The Southeastern Arizona Bird Conservatory is also a great place to get in some pictures. SABO was started in 1996 to address the growing needs for educational activities, ecotourism development and conservation-oriented research on public and private lands in Southeastern Arizona. They feature some truly wonderful bird walks, guided tours and educational workshops. You are almost guaranteed to take home shots of some of the most magnificent bird species America has to offer; many of which are currently part of the endangered species list. If you like photographing animals, it is a short trip from Bisbee to the Sonoran Wildlife Desert Museum; here you can get up close and personal with all of the wildlife, flora and fauna the state of Arizona has to offer.

Walking the streets of Bisbee Arizona you can easily visualize yourself as a part of what used to be like as a cowboy or old miner. The town is rife with old Southwestern cowboy charm and even a few ghosts are said to haunt the area. You can take guided tours or hike up the mountainous terrain. The wildlife and natural wonders are all around you just waiting for the click of your cameras shutter. Finding something to your liking and making a lasting memory of your time here will not be a hard task at all. Hiking tours into the surrounding country side can afford you endless opportunities to take home memories of you trip to Bisbee.

Source by Rick Valence


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