How to Remove Drugs in Tap Water and Other Dangerous Contaminates


There are many contaminates in our drinking water. The Ralph Nader Research Group says, “U.S. drinking water contains more than 2,100 toxic chemicals that can cause cancer.” That’s a powerful statement, and also a scary statement. Others studies show there are drugs in tap water.

Where do these contaminates come from? From all over – the pesticides and herbicides come from the runoff of our lawns and our agriculture fields, dry cleaning solvents, come from dry cleaners, drugs in tap water come from many different sources, and etc.

One of the sources for drugs is when we use drugs for whatever reason; we excrete them in our waste products, because not 100% of the drugs we take our absorbed into our bodies. Thus these drugs come from us – you and me, since all of us at one time or another have taken a drug, even if it is just an antibiotic to help us ward off an infection.

I am not suggesting we never take another antibiotic or other drugs that may save our lives or help us to live a pain free life. But we do need to do something about the drinking water we drink that is contaminated, whether it is drugs in tap water or deadly chemicals.

To purify our water we need to use a home water filtration system. There are many available. Let me explain a few of the most popular ones to you, and let you decide which is the best for you.

You can buy a water pitcher that will take some of the contaminates from your water. When using a water pitcher, the media used to filter out the contaminates is usually only a few inches long. The water does not come into contact with this type of filtration method for a long enough time to filter out all the contaminates in the water.

The same goes for the smaller units you can screw unto your faucet. A better water filtration unit is one you put on or under your counter, that has more than one media to filter the water. The best water filtration units will filter through many different types of filters.

The filters you should look for are:

· A granular carbon filter

· A multi block filter

· A sub micron filter

· An ion exchange filter

To remove all the dangerous contaminates in water, including drugs in tap water I use a water filtration product that utilizes all the above filters together. Just one type of filter is not enough. One filter alone will not remove everything. The contaminates will compete with each other and the more predominant ones will be removed, but the others will still be in the tap water.

Don’t wait for your city water supply to get better. It is too costly for them to do the job. Arm your self with a water filtration system today. A good unit will cost you about 9 cents a gallon for fresh pure clean water. Your health needs it. Don’t delay.

Source by Juanita Ruby


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