Saving Your Marriage by Reducing Conflict


Married life is not always a rose garden. Sometimes it is a bowl of cherries, full of pits. If your bowl has seems to only have the pits without the cherries or if the rose garden seems to be full of thorns, it may be you need some marriage counseling.

Asking for help with you marriage should not be the last ditch effort to save your marriage. If more couples would reach out for help before the problems escalate out of control, more marriages just might be saved.

There are many reasons why difficulties come between men and women in marriage.

• Personality conflicts

• Verbal Conflicts

• Financial Conflicts

Waiting until problem in marriage becomes severe to get outside help can result in a failed marriage. When help is sought with the first indication of trouble the amount of effort to correct the problem and get the focus for the marriage back on tract will not require as much work as it could later.

Some couples give up on the first sign of trouble and do not believe there problems can be resolved. These couples could be surprised how quickly the help of a counselor can make a difference. The end result with just a few sessions can be a healthy marriage relationship than can weather future troubles more easily.

The first step to prepare for marriage counseling is to develop goals that are attainable. Counselors are not miracle workers they just give you the tools and direction for you to do the work needed to rebuild and strengthen you marriage. Rebuilding things that have been damaged or torn down takes some work and time. Rebuilding a damaged marriage will take some work and time also. The couple must make a commitment to see work on their marriage to obtain results.

Both partners must be willing to start all over from the beginning. You need a fresh start which means leaving the past in the past and moving on. This will happen as forgiveness is giving to each other and you walk forward with trust and respect for each other.

Behavior that destroys must be stopped. The counselor will be of great help in this area. The counselor will use positive reinforcement and will help direct and guide the relationship to be of a constructive rather than destructive nature. Constructive behaviors will result in saving your marriage by reducing conflicts.

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