Electric Moped – The Eco-Friendly Solution To Rising Gas Prices


An electric moped is a rechargeable-battery-powered version of a traditional gas-powered moped. There are many different versions, ranging from the pedal-assisted bicycle, through the moped scooter, up to a full-blown motorcycle. As an alternative to the pollution and noise of gas-powered vehicles, together with the rising costs of petrol, why not consider going green with an electric moped. Read this article to find out about the advantages of using electric-powered vehicles, and which would be the right type to choose for your lifestyle.

Recent advances in battery technology have opened up a whole new range of possibilities for the electric moped industry. This has encouraged designers and manufacturers to come up with a wide variety of different types and styles of vehicle.

Larger vehicles, like the electric motorbike, and the electric moped, have maintenance-free SLA (Sealed lead acid) batteries, similar to those used in cars. The Lithium batteries specially designed for electric bicycles are extremely compact and light-weight, giving performance, capacity and reliability.

It is best to recharge the battery after every outing. All you need is an accessible electric socket, and charge the battery overnight, so it is ready for use the next day. The cost per charge is very small, far less than the constantly rising price of gas.

Another advantage of the electric moped is that it is virtually maintenance free. No longer do you have to send your vehicle in for regular expensive servicing.

The original pedal-assist bicycle has really come on since it was one of the most popular forms of getting around in Europe about 50 years ago. Nowadays, you can find an electric bicycle built with extremely light-weight materials, for example aluminium alloy, combined with a very light-weight electric motor. Perfect for riding around town, or going to school or work.

The electric moped scooter is the ideal choice for commuters. Larger and more comfortable than a bicycle, but smaller than a motorbike, the electric moped scooter is a great choice for getting to work, picking up a few groceries, or just riding around the neighbourhood. With lights, a horn, and signalling controls, it feels like a serious vehicle. Step through, with a comfortable seat, they can have a carrier on the front and the back, making them very convenient for every type of use. There are many designs to choose from, some looking extremely streamlined and sleek.

An electric motorcyle has the power and long-distance capabilities that you would expect in a traditional gas-powered motorbike. At present, the electric motorbike technology does not give the power range of the gas-powered version, but it does give an alternative choice to the consumption of gas, and can go for up to 85 miles before needing to be recharged.

As you can probably tell by now, these are only some of the reasons that an electric moped is becoming so popular. New technology has brought the electric moped into the 21st century and it is rapidly becoming the vehicle of choice to all who want to save money, and reduce pollution.

Source by Elizabeth Arnott


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