The Buzz about Bio Ethanol


Who Makes Bio Ethanol?

At this time, there are twelve countries that use and produce bio ethanol, promoting better fuel usage with less harmful additives that could hurt the environment. Many countries and manufacturers are learning about all the benefits bio ethanol including reducing greenhouse gas emission, carbon monoxide, and the costs of importing fuel from other countries, allowing them to create and manufacture their own gases, saving money.

The countries currently manufacturing bio ethanol include The United States, France, Brazil, The Philippines, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, South Africa, Argentina, Sudan, Thailand, and Kenya. Several companies are responsible for manufacturing bio ethanol, such as Sudzucker Bioethanol GmbH in Europe, VeraSun Energy, and Aventine Renewable Energy Inc.

The Future of Ethanol

In the United States, there are ninety plants operating and manufacturing ethanol. Annually, these companies produce nearly four hundred thousand million gallons of the fuel. At this time, the United States is looking an increase of eighteen more ethanol plants, which will add a further one hundred thousand, million gallons to the total production each year. When it comes to the numbers, the greatest production of ethanol occurs within the Midwest including Illinois and Iowa.

Even with the increase in bio ethanol uses, the United States sees steady increase of ethanol productions yearly. Ethanol prices have been on the rise over the last few years with consumers paying upwards of $3.00 or more per gallon of ethanol fuel. Within the last few months, the ethanol prices have begun to gradually decrease, but as we all know, the more dependent upon other countries for our supply of oil, the greater the fluctuation of ethanol prices.

With that being said, ethanol prices also depend upon how much gasoline is combined with the ethanol. The ethanol prices are generally higher than other types of fuel, because of the oil price. Furthermore, ethanol tends to give the car more miles to the gallon than other types of fuel.

Bio ethanol is create from corn and is much more efficient when it comes to our environment and the future of our world. When using natural products, when a spill occurs, less harm is done to the water, soil, and grass than with other types of fuel. Bio Ethanol prices, are also generally more expensive then regular fuel as well, perhaps by two to three cents..

There are arguments on both sides of the coin, as to which type of fuel you should be using, what either can do for the environment, to the environment, or to our vehicles. The key is that you should be conducting your own research learning the benefits and the drawbacks of using different fuels.

Source by Simon Oldmann


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