Are Fuel Additives Snake Oil?


In years past there were snake oil salesman on street corners trying to sell people bogus and fraudulent products that promised to cure all your aches and pains. Most of these elixirs contained a mixture of very secret ingredients. Over time agencies like the FDA were developed. The FDA helped protect consumers from wasting their money on worthless tonics, as well as made sure products were safe for human consumption.

A fuel additive is like a vitamin or medicine to help keep your vehicle running efficiently. Just like the snake oil tonics, fuel additives have had to progress through the times. There is a way however for consumers to filter out a good additive from a bad one.

Presently California Air Pollution Control Laws has the strictest regulations in the United States when it comes to emissions with many states following their example: possibly even nationally. California does a test on various fuel additives to help protect the environment as well as consumers.

Companies pay to have their fuel additive independently tested by California so they can be listed as an approved additive. Below is a list of what California tests for in a fuel additive:

  1. composition, chemical, or physical properties
  2. effectiveness of the product(does it increase miles per gallon)
  3. does the additive reduce or eliminate emissions that will affect human health or impair air quality standards
  4. is there a negative effect on the operation of any vehicle or the vehicles pollution control system

Based on the above information I would have to say that if you find a fuel additive that has a California Carb Approval you would be making good use of your dollars by investing in the product. (California Air Resources Board)

Source by Karen M. Williams


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