What Are The Effects of Acid Rain?


Rain water is said to be rich in minerals and it contains elements that are beneficial for the skin as well as the hair. However, with the pollution that is getting worse every day, and this increases the possibility of acid rain that can destroy vegetation, water bodies and can harm animals and human beings. Rain water at the present time is contaminated. It has been mixed with toxic substances that can cause soil erosion, cause skin diseases and can destroy even an entire forest. So why is acid rain considered to be very harmful to all living things? What could be its effects?

Acid rain occurs when the rain water contains great number of hydrogen ions reducing its pH level to below seven, thus, making it acidic. Pollution such as gases (nitrogen oxide, ammonium and carbon) released to the atmosphere will mix to the rain water resulting to creation of acids. When acidic rain water pours down, it can damage or destroy everything on the ground.

This is harmful to almost everything on the ground and can affect vegetation. The acid water will go to the ground and is absorbed by the plants, causing the plants to die. Microorganisms necessary for biochemical processes can be damaged as well as the waxy coat of plants making them susceptible to diseases.

Acid rain can permeate harmful metals like aluminum and mercury from the soil. The traces of these harmful metals then get carried to the different water bodies resulting to damage in aquatic life. The content of these metals can kill not only aquatic plants but also animals in the water. Humans can also be affected by this happening because the humans can eat the fish with great amount of harmful metal in its body. These chemicals can also kill hatchlings and can destroy the reproduction process. If this happens, a phenomenon called acid shock occurs.

Skin problems like irritation, burns and blisters are some of the result of acid rain in humans. If the acid content in the rain is so high, it may burn the skin. Doctors also stated that it increases the risk of skin cancer. Also, humans eating vegetation and animals with harmful chemicals can bring about health problems.

These are all about acid rain and its effects. This polluted rain can make metals corrode and can transform beautiful buildings and monuments to ugly ones. It is best to do what we can to avoid the occurrence of acid rain and save our mother earth.

Source by Amy M Chan


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