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Met Office Meteorologist Luke Miall started his forecast by saying there would be “some mist and fog first thing but for most we’re looking at clear blue skies and lots of sunshine through Friday. For Shetland, it will be a bit cloudy first thing but that cloud will retreat over the next few hours. For much of Scotland though it’s a fine start to the day. Running into that mist and fog for Northern Ireland, southern Scotland and the far north of England, a few pockets through the Welsh Marches as well, but for most it’s a clear start to the day with lots of sunshine.”

He said: “If you’re up early a little bit on the nippy side temperatures will rise with plenty of sunshine to come and through the day that mist and fog clears away fairly readily.

“The cloud across Shetland retreats away and for many it’s a glorious Friday afternoon.

“There will be long spells of sunshine, barely a cloud in the sky for everyone and feeling warm as well.

“Temperatures widely getting into the 20s through the day, peaking in the south between 23 to 25 Celsius.”

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He continued: “More of a breeze across the far southwest, a little bit more notable for Devon and Cornwall.

“And a fine end to the day as well, we’ll see plenty of evening sunshine to enjoy that leads us into another clear night.

“And the winds will begin to pick up as we go through Friday night, preventing much in the way of mist and fog forming.

“And not quite as chilly as well, most towns and cities holding up in double-figures, perhaps just a little bit fresher than that in the countryside.”

He added: “But by and large that will be the exception because for most it’s another clear day, plenty of sunshine, wall-to-wall blue skies in some places and just a bit more of a breeze.

“But that breeze not really doing much to those temperatures, if anything it would be warmer still, 26 being the peak across the south.

“But for parts of north and west Wales we could get into the mid 20s, equally for parts of western Scotland 24 to 25 degrees is possible.

“But changes are afoot as we head into Sunday because more unsettled weather will start to push its way in the cold front out to the west or bring the risk of some shower rain.

“And that sets us up for a much more unsettled picture next week more in the way of wind more in the way of rain things becoming more autumnal.”

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