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Britons will be given a final chance to get out the barbecues before temperatures plummet from Sunday. Autumnal weather will arrive on the back of an Atlantic hurricane on course to hit the UK later this weekend, experts warn. The remains of Hurricane Humberto will merge with low-pressure systems to give the nation a wet and windy shake up next week.

However it will follow a day of glorious sunshine and warmth brought by a plume of hot air swept up from Spain.

Temperatures across parts of the country could hit a sweltering 27C (80.6F) – hotter than Turkey – with highs widely in the 20Cs, according to the Met Office.

Spokeswoman Nicola Maxey said: “Saturday is going to be the warmest day of this spell of fine weather with temperatures in the southeast likely to reach 26C (78.8F) or even higher in some spots.

“Elsewhere we are expecting highs in the 20Cs as warm, dry air is drawn in from the near Continent.

“This is due in part to the jet stream which is quite strong at the moment and is helping to pull warm air in from the south.”

Glorious summer-like sunshine will largely hold out through Saturday before temperatures plunge from Sunday.

Rain will sweep in from the west with strong winds and thunderstorms threatening to usher autumn in with a bang.

Miss Maxey added: “Saturday will be the last day of the very good weather with low pressure expected to move in later in the weekend as high pressure moves away.

“Winds will start to pick up and we will move into a more unsettled period of weather with outbreaks of rain and some thunder.

“The weather will break down into something more mobile from Sunday and into next week.”

Temperatures will drop closer to average for the time of year with chilly nights making it feel more seasonal, she added.

Saturday could mark the last of the fine weather for a while with miserable conditions set to hold out through the rest of September.

The remains of Hurricane Humberto, currently churning the Atlantic off the east coast of America, will help drive the transition, forecasters warn.

A spokesman for The Weather Company said: “More unsettled conditions will move in from the west over the weekend with particularly wet and windy weather expected to start next week as the remnants of Hurricane Humberto are expected to pass to the north-west of Britain.”

Britons should make the most of the few remaining days of fine weather with almost a fortnight of wet and windy weather on the way.

Exacta Weather’s James Madden said: “Something more changeable and cooler will develop after this settled spell of weather.

“Britons should make the most of the sunshine with the potential for much colder and unsettled conditions through the second half of the month.”

Temperatures in Britain on Saturday are likely to beat those in Istanbul which is forecast to hit a relatively chilly 21C (69.8F).

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