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Many folks who are not in business can't understand why those in business worry about over regulation, lawsuits, and business security. Well, that's okay, because I'd be happy to explain it all to you if you have a few moments. You see in a business regardless of size you have to manage the threats, and they come at you from all sides; overzealous regulators, lawyers, rotten employees, the competition, criminals, and even over the computer fiber optic lines. Let's talk shall we?

The larger the business the larger the threats and the more of them as you become a bigger target with perceived deeper pockets. This is why sometimes you have to hire others for internal investigations. Corporations are extremely worried about insider threats, spies, corporate espionage, data leakage, pilferage, bribery, kick-backs, unauthorized use of credit cards, sexual scandals, cyberattacks, and fraud. Many insurance companies are now offering cyberattack insurance, then they also want to investigate how it happened to limit their future risks to large payouts.

Just think about all the corporate offices and headquarters in your own city, and realize how many cities are in the US, and how many big metro areas have 100s of corporate office HQs. Just because the company maybe based there, doesn't mean they don't do business nationally or internationally, and if you think things can get bad here at home, just consider all the abuse that happens overseas, mostly because bribery is a common occurrence in the way some emerging nations do things – unfortunate, but a US Based company has to "watch out" being governed under a higher standard.

Kind of makes things tough on US companies, but they are very careful not to cause an incident or have a crisis media event over a bribery or fraud charge somewhere. But, it doesn't stop there, they also have to deal with "international executive kidnappings" as that has been a huge problem in South America, Africa, Central America.

Now then the worst types of challenges at home might be cases where a company fires someone who then blames their former co-workers and bosses, so they come back with weapons to take out the remaining employees, so this is real threat. A few years ago, I talked to a retired Black Water employee who goes in now for threat assessment consulting at manufacturing companies, talk about some interesting comments and perspectives, it's enough to really make you think twice, and now just being nice isn't enough.

Well, that's all for now, but I hope you will stop and consider some of the challenges you need to consider in your own company, think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow


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