Tropical Storm Franklin Could Turn Around


Off the Eastern Coast of the United States is a hook type area for weather patterns, which sometimes occurs latter in the year, generally this occurs off shore, however sometimes within the borders of the US. This is the reason that in the 2004 Hurricane season one Hurricane hit the Gulf of Mexico US Coastline near the Florida Panhandle and AL and then turned to a tropical storm flooding WV, OH, PA and parts of TN, VA, MD. Then the darn thing turned around and headed back to the Gulf of Mexico. This was quite unusual indeed but not totally unexpected as such things occur in the Atlantic often enough. Tropical Storm Franklin appears to no longer be a threat, yet if you study Hurricane History, one should not bet on it, as some vary vicious Hurricanes have in fact turned around and barreled into the Eastern Seaboard causing severe havoc. If this were to occur there will be of course ample warning to prepare, but we have seen flooding before in the last few years from Hurricane Storms far North of the norm. Franklin did hit Bermuda fairly hard, but nothing they are not use too there.

Today however and for now Tropical Storm Franklin heads out to sea and leaves some very hot weather for the Florida Atlantic Coastal areas. Tropical Storm Franklin never quite made it to Hurricane Status, although close at 70 mph. Franklin appeared to be a break off of a weather pattern which mixed with Emily, but did not join her, instead forming on its own broken away by the Caribbean Islands and headed North up the coast of Florida. We are certainly not out of the woods yet with Franklin, so we must keep a watchful eye on him.

Source by Lance Winslow


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