Population: The Growing Concern


Going by numbers the current world population is estimated at more than 6,852,472,823. The death or morality rate is around 56.0 million deaths per year equivalent to 107 deaths per minute. But by statistical data the total inflow of human life in this world is more than the total out flow. World population is by definition is the total population on the ‘living planet’. By statistical data Asia rules the rooster with around 60 % of the world population being based there, this accounts to more than 4 billion people. In the Asian subcontinent only India and China alone contributes 40 % of the population density in the whole of Asia. The population of the human species reached one billion in 1804 and six billion in 1999. By around 2050 the world population is estimated to be around 9 billion in strength.

The growth of Homo sapiens as a species is phenomenal – they have proliferated and expanded to encompass and pre dominate the entire planet, leading to extinction of many other species in the process as well. More population would means arranging for more food, for the people. Plus the administrative blocks would also have to be upgraded to entirely new levels altogether. Due to the growing numbers of people many forests and jungles have been cleared away to pave the way for human settlements. The drastic reduction in the flora and fauna has made a very devastating impact on our environment and the scars inflicted by these acts are clearly visible now. The problems and ill effects of population explosion have only started to be visible now, but if proper actions are not taken then it won’t be far when our resources fail completely leading to painful deaths and hunger.

Though this planet has treated every species with equality, it is the mankind which has drawn borders and done wars to gain benefits. Our actions in the past catalyzed the other political and society factors observed since ages have lead us to a society where if one part of the globe sleeps in comfort, the other part sleeps in hunger and pain. The distribution of wealth and food is not a constant parameter in human society index. I’m not being biased here, but it is fact that developed countries are responsible for most of the pollution and global warming we hear of today. In the present age they do have the resources and money to take care of its citizens. But, what about those third world countries where hyper inflation, crime and population rates are at unimaginable values? Sometime back I read an article where it was stated that the Zimbabwean dollar is one of the smallest valued currencies in the world. Zimbabwe even has a $100 trillion note, this is the state of the economy in the country. One can imagine how much effort the citizens of this country have to do just to earn a daily bread of meal.

To save our planet and these living souls from the torment which they are facing each passing is only through serious counter actions against the unimaginably growing human population.

Source by Varun Jaiswal


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