What Happened to the Dinosaurs – Evaluating Some Facts


What has happened to the dinosaurs? This would be a question most of us would have asked. Anyone who has watched the blockbuster science fiction film Jurassic Park directed by Steven Spielberg would have surely wondered what really happened to the dinosaurs. There are many facts contributing to their rapid extinction. Although many reasons have been credited for the extinction, we are yet to figure out the true fact behind the rapid disappearance of dinosaurs from the earth.

The dinosaurs are vertebrate animals that are found to be existed in earth for over 160 million years ago. It has been said that the dinosaurs first appeared on our land 230 million years ago. According to existing facts it is believed that the dinosaurs became extinct by the end of the Cretaceous period, about 65 million years ago. One of the most popular reasons being cited is that the dinosaurs had become the victims of the raining meteors. The meteor attack was not completely an incidental event. The attack must have happened suddenly and they would have found it difficult to run away from the calamity. However the readings of the fossils suggest that the mass extinction was not a sudden process. It would have been gradual over ten million years.

There is another theory that states that the dinosaurs were hit by an extremely cold wave during the prehistoric time. The cold wave must have been resulted from the changes in the earths orbit. The earth was not very warm at that time. So it is been said that most of the animals in earth including the dinosaurs did not have enough time to went pass a thorough evolution process. There were not many hairs over their bodies and they were not able to withstand the extreme cold climate. Their physical properties were limited and hence could not survive the extreme weather. So they were forced to collapse to the ground.

The third popular theory is the one that says that dinosaurs faced a great risk for their lives and were burnt to ashes as a result of the extreme volcanic activity and the subsequent acid rain. They were huge mammals and were unable to escape from the natural disaster. The delayed Cretaceous was a time when many high tectonic action and volcanic action has taken place. The super continent was splitting paving way to new continents, and as a result global cooling took place. This led to mass extinction.

There are also beliefs that the dinosaurs must have submerged and drowned in a mass tsunami. The force and the effect of the tsunami are usually unpredictable. So there are chances that the creatures must have vanished into the water outbreak as they were vulnerable to such mass disasters. Yet another saying goes that scarcity of the food led to dinosaurs fighting with each other thereby killing each other. The weak ones died of hunger an also some other mammals started eating dinosaur eggs for survival. Moreover, there are also chances that the dinosaurs must have fought among themselves for establishing territorial victories.

The true reason behind dinosaurs' extinction is still ambiguous. But it is true that the dinosaurs have become a real topic of interest for the movie makers.

Source by Mercy Priya


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