Global Warming – Myths and Reality


Monsoons, drastic change in climatic condition, acid rains, rapid melting of polar ice burgs, increase in sea level and frequent droughts are some grave consequences which we are facing today due to global warming. The sad part of this story is that; we could not still find a workable solution to fix this irreversible effect and our technology is not yet ripened enough to provide such solutions to our environmental problems.

Industrial revolution, discovery of crude oil and black coal might have improved our human living and supported our energy requirements, but these fossil fuels are one of the root causes for the present global warming and environmental impacts.

Our great home – the earth, has its own environmental system balanced by natural eco-cycles to keep this planet an ideal place for living beings. The greenhouse gases helps in protecting our environment from harmful radiations and cosmic rays emerging from sun and rest of the universe. These gases are perfectly balanced by earth’s eco system and keep our planet green and healthy. Due to our adverse energy campaigns and burning of fossil fuels we have increased the greenhouse gases to record high levels in earth’s atmosphere, leading us to an environmental disaster and global warming. We failed to understand the earth’s natural cycles and broken the eco-links to an irreversible state. Excessive deforestation, industrial emissions and burning of fossil fuels [crude oil, coal & natural gas] are the prime causes for green house effect.

The governments and people are now forced to think and act, beyond their budget, economy and business to overcome these environmental effects and global warming. Our mother earth now needs care and attention from all of us. Every citizen of this world has to make some significant contribution towards saving our planet. By following some simple and adaptable measures, we can cultivate the habit of Eco-Friendly Living and contribute towards reducing the effects of global warming. Initiatives like recycling, renewable energy sources, water recycling, and aggressive afforestation are some efforts that we can do towards reducing the impacts of global warming. Our collective and sincere efforts will soon make our planet a heaven for living.

Source by Andrew Steve


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