Water Pollution -A Health Hazard- Just Be Careful!


Human beings, birds, animals, fish and other under water creatures need oxygen. Aerobic need clean water, with oxygen dissolved in it. We all are aware of this. The individual, community, the nation and the whole world can help minimize water contamination.

The water pollution destroys the dissolved oxygen in the water. The aesthetic quality of lakes and rivers is reduced. The aquatic life is threatened. Its reproductive ability is diminished. Humans consume fish. It is a nutritious food. The fish from polluted water is a health hazard.

Sources of bacterial contamination are human and animal wastes. The butchers do not seem to care much about water pollution. The animal wastes are deposited just any where convenient. The authorities do not seem to implement any waste disposal proposal or project. There are exceptions and they are far and few.

The distance between the septic tank and the well or the stream or river is not clearly defined. It should be well defined and implemented, disregarding the personal or political consideration. In some area, inundation or infiltration by flood waters every year provide an excellent breeding base for bacteria. Flood waters commonly contain high levels of bacteria. Even small depressions in our compound filled with flood water provide an excellent breeding ground for ever multiplying bacteria.

Septic tanks dug less than 10 meters from the well could cause pollution, especially when it is coarse-textured soil. Water-tight casings are very essential for such wells. Bacteria can infiltrate with water through the soil. Any systems with casings or caps that are not water-tight are vulnerable to such infiltration.

Another broad class of bacteria found in our vicinity is ‘coliforms’. Feces from warm blooded animals or human beings can point out pathogenic organisms that cause diseases. Coliforms include E.coli, Salmonella, Klebsiella and Erwinia. Pathogenic organisms can cause intestinal infections, dysentery, hepatitis, typhoid fever and cholera.

Source by Raveendran Nambyar


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